Common Questions Clients Ask

Are there any fees associated with selling my house?

We don’t charge any fees to when we purchase your property. We purchase your home at a price that takes into consideration both the value of the house and any work that needs to be done.


Do you really buy houses in any condition?

Yes we do. Whether you call it a handyman dreams or a fixerpuppers we will purchase a home or business in any condition. We also purchase properties in excellent condition for clients who needs to sell a house quickly due to family, business, or financial necessity.


How do you figure out what my property is worth?

Our process is very simple, we look the following things to determine a fair price for your house. These include:

  • location
  • repairs needed
  • condition
  • values of comparable properties, aka “comps” of recently sold properties in the area.
How long does it take to sell my house?

We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Once you accept our offer we can complete your property sale in as little as 7 days.


I am facing foreclosure, can you help me?

Because we are professional real estate investors, we can contact your lender or mortgage company and discuss alternatives to foreclosure.


If I submit my information am I under any obligation?

No you are not under any obligation. We will look at your property, residential or commercial, and contact you to set up a phone call so we can discuss your needs and time frame. We will make you an offer and it is your decision whether or not to accept it. We won’t contact you or hassle you for additional information, the final decision is totally up to you.


Is Equity Home Buyers different from traditional realtors?

Instead of looking for buyers for your property our company purchases your property. We help owners who need to sell property quickly without the hassle of staging/marketing a house, arranging for house showing, and home inspections.


What do you mean by a fair offer, will it be the same as retail?

What a traditional real estate agent says is the value of your property is not what you will ultimately put in your pocket. Their estimated sale price doesn’t include the

  • commission and closing costs.
  • cost of any repairs that you might need to make to complete the sale.
  • additional payments you will make while waiting for a sale be completed.

Our price is a price for your house that considers location and condition. Since our transaction are complete more quickly your money isn’t tied up in mortgage payments nor does it disappear in closing cost, commissions, or required repairs. Our offer provides you with a stress-free, quick turn-around sale that lets you move on to the next chapter of your life.


What kinds of properties do you buy?

We are interested in many different kinds of properties in the Austin area. We will consider property in any condition, good or bad including:

  • Single family homes of any size or type, duplexes, twins, detached, townhouses
  • Apartments or multi- family units
  • Vacant Homes
  • Rental Properties
  • Commercial Properties

The only properties Equity Home Buyers does not consider are mobile homes.


Why are you describe yourself as Austin’s creative property buyer?

We are proud of our ability to offer property buyers creative solutions when you need to sell your residential or commercial building quickly. We offer three types deal structures:

  1. Cash offer
  2. Mortgage assumption, also known as “subject to purchase”
  3. Seller Financing, the seller allows the buyer make payments also known as bond-for-title” or “owner financing”

Depending on the circumstances we can also create a hybrid deal.


How do I to sell my property quickly with Equity Home Buyers?


1. Contact Us

Complete the form on the right with a few basic pieces of information or call us at 512.900.5951.


2. Review

We review your property and complete a market analysis to determine the best offer we can make


3. Get an Offer

We talk with you about your situation and determine the best possible price and/or terms we can offer.

4. Get Paid

Once you accept our offer we can close quickly and be relieved from the burden of unwanted real estate.


Sell Your House Fast

Regardless of the reason you want to sell your house, we can help! If we are unable to find a solution that meets your needs, we will part as friends. Again, there is no cost or obligation for our services.


Work With Us

We appreciate your interest in working with us to sell your home. The more information we have from you the better we can discuss your interest. Please click the link below and complete the following form and someone will contact you soon about selling your house.


Reasons To Sell Your House

Do you have a problem property and need to sell your house? Are you behind on payments, experiencing a divorce or job transfer? Perhaps you’re struggling to pay medical bills or simply stuck in a slow market? 


We Will Give You The Best Cash Offer

Whatever the reason for selling your house, we can help! Don’t allow yourself to become trapped in an unwanted property or in a circumstance that is beyond your control. Our experts will work to identify solutions to meet your needs! Sell your house to us, We Buy Houses for Cash!